Literal meaning: 'I do not plan on calling you, EVER.'

Often said by a man to a woman at the end of a date, because he is too much of a coward to just honestly tell her that it is not going to work out, and that he does not want to call her.
After the end of a lousy date, Chandler said to Joanna, "I'll call you," even though he had no intention of calling her.
by Linda Harper August 15, 2004
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What someone says when they won't call you. It really means fuck off and that you are never to be seen again.
by mcnuggetdestroyer January 12, 2018
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What a guy says to a chick after or before they have sex.
After so she feels happy and will wait for his call
B4 so he can have sex
*After sex*
Grey:I'll call you
*Beth waits by phone all day*
*B4 sex*
Grey: If we have sex tonight i'll call you the next day
*Next day no call*
by Kayley April 12, 2004
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This is usually used by males who want a quick escape. The real meaning of the phrase is 'if i don't get a better offer' or 'if i don't call in 12 days - then find someone new - i would have'
Girl + Guy have just been on a date. She thinks it has gone well, he thinks she hasn't put out. He says 'i'll call you'
by Natalie August 9, 2004
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if someone tells you this sentence, it literally means that they will never call you. as a matter of fact, they will either forget about it or ignore it.
me: so let's go bike riding. what do you think?
friend: I'll think about it and I'll call you later.
**two centuries later
me: we're on the other side and still you haven't called me.
friend: my bad.
by hesitatedface August 24, 2020
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A sarcastic phrase used to signify that you actually won't call or interact with someone in the future. The phrase implies that you would have theoretically called them "yesterday" if you really cared. This phrase is primarily used a means of blowing someone off.
Jim: So did you meet up with that girl you got coffee with last week?

Nick: Nah, she blew me off and never texted back after. It was an "I'll call you yesterday" type of situation.
by FrenchOnion May 19, 2020
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