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Literal meaning: 'I do not plan on calling you, EVER.'

Often said by a man to a woman at the end of a date, because he is too much of a coward to just honestly tell her that it is not going to work out, and that he does not want to call her.
After the end of a lousy date, Chandler said to Joanna, "I'll call you," even though he had no intention of calling her.
by Linda Harper August 15, 2004
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Another way of saying "fuck you".
Girls do this too.
Melissa said "Tully, Im sorry I missed your party, Ill call you, we can hang out this weekend."

As you can expect, she didn't call back. I love it when people lie to me. :-(
by McKickazz July 01, 2006
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1: What guys say when they want nothing to do with you.

2: What lonely guys say to get girls phone numbers.
For def. 1: 90% of the male population

For def. 2: Me
by Apul January 20, 2003
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This is usually used by males who want a quick escape. The real meaning of the phrase is 'if i don't get a better offer' or 'if i don't call in 12 days - then find someone new - i would have'
Girl + Guy have just been on a date. She thinks it has gone well, he thinks she hasn't put out. He says 'i'll call you'
by Natalie August 09, 2004
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What a guy says to a chick after or before they have sex.
After so she feels happy and will wait for his call
B4 so he can have sex
*After sex*
Grey:I'll call you
*Beth waits by phone all day*
*B4 sex*
Grey: If we have sex tonight i'll call you the next day
*Next day no call*
by Kayley April 12, 2004
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What someone says when they won't call you. It really means fuck off and that you are never to be seen again.
by mcnuggetdestroyer January 12, 2018
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