What a guy says to a chick after or before they have sex.
After so she feels happy and will wait for his call
B4 so he can have sex
*After sex*
Grey:I'll call you
*Beth waits by phone all day*
*B4 sex*
Grey: If we have sex tonight i'll call you the next day
*Next day no call*
by Kayley April 12, 2004
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if someone tells you this sentence, it literally means that they will never call you. as a matter of fact, they will either forget about it or ignore it.
me: so let's go bike riding. what do you think?
friend: I'll think about it and I'll call you later.
**two centuries later
me: we're on the other side and still you haven't called me.
friend: my bad.
by hesitatedface August 24, 2020
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