Not joking, like fo real.
Slang for teens
Dude 1"Dude! WE GOTTA SEE HER."

Dude 2 "Fo sure!"
by Circlness August 6, 2010
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For sure, of course, aight, ok, yes, get it!
so'd you like d12's new shit?
fo' sure!
by E Dogg March 8, 2004
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The Acknowledgement of another's comment through agreement.
The word nigger is sometimes used at the end.
"Doesn't Stacie's ass look fine!"

"Fo sure nigger"
by CandyHero September 17, 2006
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for sure, you got it, sure i can, letting someone know you are able to do something
"you got it fo sures"

"I will do that fo sures"
by vinah February 8, 2008
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