Bro is something you call a "mongrel" or a brother aka your friend... or your greatest enemy if you feel me. But a whatsup means WHAT IS NEW asking your friend/enemy what is new. If a friend, then you are actually asking "whats new" but if its an enemy this jargon is more or less used as a threat as in "whatsup bro, i will tear your spine out you disgusting maniac". People who DO use the term whatsup bro to their friends are deemed mentally and physically insane, and are fit for only one place in this godless world... the highest security mental intitution.
Alex: Whats up bro (to friend)
Carl: Um... not much.... yeah hello police? take this maniac away from me... STAT....

Alex: Whats up bro (to enemy)
Mark: Ahh a challenge.... finally an opponent worthy of my skills.....
by CarlMarx November 24, 2013
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