The batter dipped and fried testicles of farm animals, considered a delicacy in farm country.
City Boy: I would never eat a bull testicle, but I do love an Iowa hush puppy.
by El Walkerama February 24, 2020
A girl you need aid with but can't disclose to your ckoser homeboys because she's very unnatractive.
I needed with a hush puppy last night, please keep this on the low.
by AaliyahAaliyah May 19, 2022
it means to be silent, to stop making any type of noise . or another meaning stop talking shit before i beat the fuck out of you and paralyze you for the rest of your miserable life.
hush puppy. that's all it takes two little words.
A weapon in Arsenal, a fast-paced first person shooter developed using the Roblox game engine. Deals 25 damage on body shot and one-taps on headshot. Only seen on Arsenal's "Insane Mode", which provides the player with 32 hard-to-use weapons and a golden knife that allows you to double jump. To win, you must get 32 kills with the hard-to-use weapons and golden knife. Among those weapons are the golden hush puppy.
by raphael_1254 November 21, 2021