5 definitions by raphael_1254

-to feel flustered over a romantic situation, whether it's towards you or anyone else.
"You don't need to be perfect to be with me... because I love you."
"Oh.... That made me melt..."
by raphael_1254 May 4, 2022
A weapon in Arsenal, a fast-paced first person shooter developed using the Roblox game engine. Deals 25 damage on body shot and one-taps on headshot. Only seen on Arsenal's "Insane Mode", which provides the player with 32 hard-to-use weapons and a golden knife that allows you to double jump. To win, you must get 32 kills with the hard-to-use weapons and golden knife. Among those weapons are the golden hush puppy.
by raphael_1254 November 21, 2021
An abbreviation of suspicious, popularized by the video game "Among Us" because of suspicious crew members that are secretly alien murderers looking to eat innocent crew members.
That's a bit sus bro.

Yellow is sus.
by raphael_1254 June 13, 2021