11 definitions by El Walkerama

The batter dipped and fried testicles of farm animals, considered a delicacy in farm country.
City Boy: I would never eat a bull testicle, but I do love an Iowa hush puppy.
by El Walkerama February 24, 2020
When your booty is high in the air like a duck's tail in water.
Lillian has full Duck Booty, that thing is half way up her back. Damnnnnnnnnnnn.
by El Walkerama March 9, 2015
When an otherwise reasonable female boss suddenly turns into a cunt.
Similar to the cloak of invisibility from Harry Potter, no one can see when the cunt cloak is put on, it just is.
My boss came out of her office in her cunt cloak and started yelling at everyone.
by El Walkerama October 13, 2014
When Americans realized how useless having two Dakota states was, they combined them and created Megakota.
I'm from Fargo, Megakota.
by El Walkerama January 25, 2019
A term used in prison's and jails for having ones anal virginity forcibly taken.
"Hey Tim, I hear someone got your candy yesterday?"
by El Walkerama September 26, 2017
A baby with shrinky arms, like Quaid from Total Recall.
"Man, did you see John's baby?"
"Yeah, it's a total Quaid Baby."
"Poor John"
by El Walkerama March 2, 2015
An over the pants hand job, typically given in movie theaters when on dates.
13 year old boy: I took Lisa to the movies and she gave me a junior high!
by El Walkerama October 16, 2019