A pejorative retail slang for window shopping customers (usually female) who like to try on numerous amounts of clothes and shoes but ultimately end up not buying them for a random pointless reason.

There are two types of hush puppies:

A Hush Puppy is a regular customer who has manners and may thank or apologize the sales associate for the inconvenience.

The Hush Bitch is a mean and/or rude customer who do not show manners. They will leave the store without word and will usually do it when the sales associate is at the storage looking for a shoe they asked for.

Both versions are equally annoying. Hush puppies and hush bitches alike are the mortal enemies of sales associates.
Sales Associate A: Dude, I had the worst day today. A Hush Puppy came to the store, asked for 5 pairs of shoes, and then said she didn't like them and just left.

Sales Associate B: Man, that's nothing. Today, a Hush Bitch asked me for 3 pairs of shoes in 2 different sizes, then just left when I was coming back for the other sizes.
by frp19 October 18, 2009
man 1:I made some hush puppies.
man 2:Like the corn bread?
man 1:nope! lol
man 2: then wha...ohhhh gross man!
by Johnnygrrl February 15, 2010
When a male ejaculates into their partner’s eye and it proceeds to become infected.
I gave my friend a Polynesian hush puppy last week during a threesome.
by the_duffy_jew February 15, 2019
Walking. esp when you have no car or your car is not working or your ride left you.
no one wanted to pick me up so I had to take the hush puppie highway.
by sugnusicilianu September 6, 2017
When a female takes a lemon puts it up her anus while she's having sex
It's insane that Kelly allergic to lemon I was going to do the Japanese hush puppy
by Shadow anus November 17, 2017
when you're with your boii or gurrrl you slowly carass their inner thigh and whisper softly into their ear "roll over, baby. roll over my little pumpkin tits." you slowly remove their garments exposing their buttox. kiss them from the back of their neck to the hiney crack and lick. now it gets spicy. lick up and down the ass crack. if you're a male, lick from the bottom of the "peach" and work your way up. girls, work your way down to the ballsack. wait for a big moan and a wet DOG FART. (to enhance pleasure and passion, use chocolate frosting)
me and my babii gurl do the hush puppy kiss all the time.
after i do it, she sings "Tomorrow" from the play Annie. then i regurtitate all over her back and we exchage places. but i sing "My Sacrafice" by Creed. this really gets things hot and steamy.
by Felix Stone July 17, 2006
The possible act of crapping your pants after a fart, and then leaving it there for a while because you're too lazy to confirm.
Dude, I think I've had some Hush Puppies in my pants for the past five minutes after that one!
by ingrate October 9, 2012