Him: “answer my question
Her: “hush
by Copyright © May 8, 2020
A game designed for people made of pure mental toughness, and a nice way to spice things up in the bedroom . While on the phone with a friend or family member proceed to have sex while on the phone. Hold a conversation without moaning or giving it away that you are having sex . If the person catches on or begins to suspect you then you lose.
Me and my girlfriend played hush last night
by liono August 12, 2017
It’s like lowkey Peng mixed with calm
Last night was sooo hush

Yo she’s kinda hush 🤫

Nah bro that’s hush
by TrapShack Boys September 1, 2020
Referring to a person or persons you have sexual relations with that you don't want people to know about, usually to be kept a secret from your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Josh: "hey Alison, when we gonna hangout again tonight?"

Brad: " Dude, I thought you and KC were still together...?"

Josh: "We are, that's just the new hush"
by ThE1uLoVe2HaTe February 18, 2014
Keeping something secret...like when you tell someone to hush or keep quiet.
by Rich Rapper June 19, 2018
"I think Bill's Mom is a hottie, but keep it on the hush-hush. I don't want him to think im wierd.
by JJ fo shizzle November 4, 2003
Hush Hush: Don't tell anyone but the teacher

"Text me all your exam answers and let's keep this thing hush-hush?"
by UnicornRainbowCandy October 21, 2018