He is a muslim guy who love computers and to create grenades he even likes video games.
Guy: Hello Husein!

by heruiowaj December 12, 2016
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He is an alpha male , uniquely sexy. Inteligent , will help you , is not a back stabber , a happy and a nice person basically.
"Woow , I talked to Husein today , he is so inteligent , and sexy af"
by Iliketorte April 12, 2020
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A radical man, most definitely a Trump supporter with a vomit-inducing taste in music who loves to beat a dead horse
Husein, not Despacito again!
by yeehawotters November 13, 2020
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Bilal is a short, weak man that is addicted to netflix and hulu shows like The Office and Brooklyn 99. If you make Bilal angry he'll probably threaten to kill your family.
Did you hear about bilal husein?
Yeah, I heard he wanted to hookup with summer.
by Jen’s Chen’s dm February 27, 2020
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A very cool guy that likes to suck cock and take it up the ass all day longg
wow, you were hanging out with Mikey Husein Masic? did you take it up the ass or did he?
by CrazyyBITCH May 31, 2011
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The first black president who was elected during the November 2008 election in USA.
"How can a guy make it as president if they don't even want to go out and get a job!? That Barrack Husein Osama must be a crafty chocolate man! Even a blind squirrel can find the acorn, occasionally!"
by hekifier March 29, 2009
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