Overrated piece of shit song that is played fucking 1000 times a day. The lyrics are about nothing but sex. Many retarded normies dont even know meaning of the lyrics but consider its a best song and get obsessed with it. Despacito is example of modern mainstream trash pop music. First this song had attraction only in spanish speaking countries, but after justin gayber released a cover version, shit got escalated.
"Despacito has been super popular in Spanish speaking countries (and Italy for some reason)
It racked up about a billion views in that time
Then Justin Bieber remixed it and released it as the song hype was fading.
This brought it to the non-Spanish speaking countries and it's now hit #1 in over 40 countries
So even though it "came out of nowhere" in the US/Canada, it's already been a hit in other countries for a while. Macarena did a similar thing when it came out"
by p0seidon June 7, 2019
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Despacito means slowly in spainish. Despacito is also a name of a song written by luis fonsi and daddy yankee ft. Justin bieber
Pasqer de malo despacito- slowly
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A piece of shit song that has over 5 billion views. The lyrics are perverted as fuck and approximately 90% of the viewers don’t know what it means because they rather listen to spontaneously and lyrically shitty songs and lose 50% of their IQ points. It is nothing but a song about sex and cancer to your ears.
Aaron: Hey have you every heard of Despacito?

Me: That song by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee?

Aaron: Yeah!

Me: Yeah it is cancer to my ears.
by Girls ❤️ shafts April 23, 2018
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A song you tell Alexa to play when you feel very sad
Oh my god that movie was so sad, alexa play Despacito
by Fallenmarvels July 8, 2018
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Annoying and latin pop garbage song that blew up in summer of 2017. The song has all basic elements of modern trash pop song - having boring and repetitive but catchy melody, lyrics about having sex, and a music video with random hot chicks dancing in it. First Despacito has been popular in spanish-speaking countries but it became international hit after Justin Bieber released cover version. Thanks to bieber and his fangirls, the music video has surpassed 6 billion views on youtube and being overplayed everywhere by normalfags and retards. Despacito is very popular among mainstream music lovers aka normies and sheeps. 99% of the people who listen to despacito are millenials and gen z kids, but they don't even know the meaning of the lyrics.
Despacito sucks because the song is about pornography, sexual harrasment and fucking someone in puerto rico.(not fucking kidding)
by 4nt1n0rm13 December 7, 2020
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A slow-minded moron who is obsessed with sex.
– This guy only pays attention to boobs. And he look like an idiot.
– Yeah, a real despacito!
by Sorin Acela August 8, 2017
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