One of the greatest surf/skate/snow companies ever and also sponsors pro skater Bob Burnquist.
"OMG I found the greastest Hurley shirt ever at Pacsun!"
by )( Hurley )( January 3, 2006
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the nickname for the character hugo reyes on lost, played by jorge garcia. a nice man who is fat with quite long brown hair. hence the term is used to descrie fat men with long brown hair.
person : Look dude, theres hurley (points to fat man with long hair)
by ashel September 5, 2006
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A great skate/surf brand that makes everything from hats to shirts and sweaters and jeans. I find their stuff is some of the best quality out there in terms of a skate brand, and pwns Quiksilver (what doesn't?) and Etnies and other skate brands. If you have to buy anything from a skate/surf brand, do yourself a favour and make it Hurley.
These new Hurley jeans I bought kick ass! They're so comfortable yet they're fitted
by clothes guy August 9, 2007
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When you spit your dummy out like the man child you are...
Damn bro... dont have a hurley... calm down.. its only a game.
by KnobJustice July 2, 2020
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The act of shitting yourself while performing strenuous tasks.
Dude! That guy totally just pulled a hurley while squating 600 lbs.
by Lewis470 October 10, 2010
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A large balding man that has a fixation on men's penis. That also likes Earl Grey tea (hot).
I stirred my tea this morning with a dildo. (Hurley)
by Bworkd;jklfsadjklfsadjksss;lth December 7, 2017
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