A retail clothing store that originated in Newport Beach, CA. Pacsun primarily sells clothing to teens, and young adults. Pacsun sells clothing brands that are associated with surfing, skating, and snowboarding. Their slogan is, "Wear what you like."
Person 1 "Ugh, I need a new bikini"
Person 2 "Go check out Pacsun, they have lots of great styles."
by Slogans March 3, 2007
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A place where they have cool skater clothes such as: Roxy's, Etnies, etc. But the service is pretty bad and a lot of posers come.
Poser: I just got this adorable roxy jacket and etnies shoes at Pacsun!

Skater: Whatever.
by Aly Montgomery February 8, 2007
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A store trying to copy Urban Outfitters, but for cheaper
Dude 1: Where do you shop?
Dude 2: Pacsun

Dude 1: oh thats just a copy of Urban and you know it
Dude 2: whatever broksi
by gindergang March 12, 2019
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A store that sells designer items like Hurley, Roxy, Billabong, etc. Most of the items focus around skater and surf stuff. It's great but way too many posers come, resulting in unhappy shopping.
Let's go to PacSun, it's one of the best stores ever.
by Spasticpancreas May 11, 2008
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A store that is SUPPOSEDLY said to be in the realms of the Hollister Co. target - yet it is not. Officially called Pacific Sunwear, this HUGE chain sells clothes from many punk//skaterchic//mosher//surfer brands including Roxy, Billabong, Bullhead, 44mm, Fox, Kirra, etc. They do have AMAZING buffalo plaid flannels, I must say. Bullhead is a brand sold there with AMAZING super-skinny jeans!
Ava: hey don't u like my awesome neon Bullhead solana superskinny jeans from PacSun?
Zoe: hell yeahh.
Ava: thanks, i'm trying to imitate the punk/skaterchic/mosher/surfer SoCal lifestyle . . .
Zoe: WELL, good luck!
* air-kisses the audience & exit from SR *
by meladecadence November 1, 2009
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A store that mostly sells skater and surfing brands, for almost the same price as Zumiez. How ever, a lot of people who aren't skaters walk in there.
PacSun has some good hoodies.
by somebody from america November 25, 2008
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