An increment of 100 dollars. Normally used when reffering to spending habits.
That guy just dropped mad hund-o's like the b-bomb in vegas.
by JCap November 05, 2003
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American slang for numerical term "hundred".
The monthly rent for my new condo is only cost $6 hundo.

Yesterday, I benched 2 hundo.
by Johnny Cash April 23, 2003
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the shorthand way of saying "100%"
Person A: Yo, are you going to the bar tonight?

Person B: Hundo!

Person A: Is Bud Light your favorite type of beer?

Person B: Hundo!
by sablebomb July 10, 2008
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any noun or verb: a person, place, thing, or action of relative importance in which may be described in terms of "hundo", "hundos" or "hundo'd"
Alex Parsons is a total hundo.
by Milsaps December 09, 2009
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A hundred of tree. (One hundred dollars worth of marijuana)
Lemme get a hundo.
Could I cop a hundo?
Yo, John just went and bought a hundo.
If we pool we could definitely cop a hundo.
by Leather Jacket October 17, 2005
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