rh essentially can mean many things..

In this definition, RH means Race Header, an exhaust manifold and is illegal to use on US Public Highways and Roads because of the elimination of a Catalytic Converter, which causes green house gas emissions to enter the atmosphere and cause Global Warming. ..But who cares? :)
Jeremy has a RH on his 4 cylinder vtak.
by magnEsium January 7, 2007
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1. An acronym Toronto rapper YungJMP made which stands for real humble soldier. He got the name from Daboii and his song Humbe which influenced him to make RHS.

2. YungJMP's Record Label
did you hear rhs it slaps
by bow12345 December 23, 2020
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Reverse Harem - romance that depicts a female character with more than one love interest. It also uses the #whychoose
I just finished this RH book. Super hot!
by March 28, 2022
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Road Head, a guy recieving head while driving. Most likely increases your risk of car accidents.
Guy: "Hey I think you dropped something near my feet"
Guy: "Just kidding. Now gimme RH bitch"
by Polinaa October 1, 2007
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Red Hormone Syndrome.
When you pee blood.
For boys, when they have periods.
Yesterday I peed blood. I might have RHS
by RHS scientist March 22, 2019
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