making something more civilized; humane
"i tried to help the children but they tore my arm off!!!!"

"the opposite of humanize is dehumanize"

"wtf mate?!?! cant u see i have no bloody arm??"

"i can see that but urban dictionary said we have to have the word in the example"
by jeny October 9, 2007
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The doom of this planet.
"Humans are nothing but fucking viruses with shoes."
by Crapper McGee March 28, 2004
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A race on "Earth", that makes it's way through all there is by enslaving or destroying anyone or anything in it's way.
Claims to be civilised and moral, but fails to demonstrate it through it's actions.
Also is not to be trusted. These humans will betray you or anyne else if it serves their purpose.
Suffers from a severe superiority complex.
Look at me dad, i am crawling into space. I am only just here because it has taken me this lng to get enough money because of rules i created. Whoops, said too much!!
by Chacotay September 7, 2003
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1) A member of the Homo-sapien race.

2) Something that people criticise for flaws despite them being one themselves to make themselves feel superior to others.
Alien 1: What is that over there?
Alien 2: That's a human.

Person 1: Humans are extremely stupid.
Person 2: You are one of us, and it's not like you are doing anything productive to improve the human race.
by Epicguyof1337 December 8, 2014
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A word for our species, the hope for humanity depends on how well we advance and excel.
The more definitions I read on here, my faith in humanity decreases a bit.
by MadMixG June 1, 2014
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The worst, most stupid race on planet earth, only a few of their kind have proven to be smart.
Why is humanity so stupid you ask?

Go to these sites and look for yourself:
1) Wow, i have lost all faith in humanity.

2) The internet is the place where we see that humanity is fucked.
by MutsKun November 8, 2016
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