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1. dick, cock, penis
2. someone really annoying
3. if pronounced with strength means NO

Pronunciation: WHO-yi (WHO is stressed, and yi-part sounds like the beginning of yeast)

Written in Russian: ХУЙ (use Unicode UTF-8 encoding to see it properly)
1. Sosi moi hui suka! (Suck my dick bi-atch!)
2. Chyo za hui? (Who's this dickhead?)
3. - Wanna last piece of pizza?
- U-huh!..
- Hui!
by xerurg October 10, 2006
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Hadjiev Uselessness Index measures the net productivity balance of an individual. Empirically it hovers around one when the person is too dumb to do anything meaningful, but also not smart enough to do something dangerously stupid.
Dimitar 's mediocre HUI is a major reason nobody really cares about him.
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by 4r47u$ September 12, 2017
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A word uttered as an alternative to saying the word "what" or "pardon". Said "Who is" this word expresses questionable intent and overall Hu-isanalisitiy
Have you seen the news today? reply Hu-is!
by Jimmythefinger January 20, 2011
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the way gipsies call a penis or a dick
asen (gypsy): hey, pussy wanna taste my hui?

pussy: fuck off, ugly gipsy
by June 22, 2005
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An very handsome guy, who popular with girls, hangout with girls and very outdoor type. Very talkative but awkward kind of shy type of person. But still very friendly as long as your not being a dickhead.
Hui is such a nice giy
by Kaynz July 18, 2017
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