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In Russian - a place to go. Universal direction marker. You can hear it, if someone bored of you, or deny you money or service, or refuse sexual relationship. Sometimes you can just find it on the internet. You may think 'But I did nothing wrong in my life!'. You should seriously revisit your lifestyle, if soulless web search engines suggest you to go 'nahuy'
1. Can you borrow me 100$? - Poshol nahuy. Fuck off.
2. Hey bro, pour me another shot of vodka. -nahuy (Fuck no), you drunk enough.
3. Masha, please! I adore you so much, I can do anything you want! -Ok, can you do for me just one thing? -Yes!!! - Idi nahuy (Get the fuck out), please!
by dildo777 November 23, 2015
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russian that actually means "go fuck yourself" or "fuck off"
- hi, can we go to cinema today?
- no, poshel nahuy (fuck off).
by nasticorn December 03, 2015
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