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In México, an extremely lazy person. In Chile, Dude or a stupid person, similar to the mexican güey.
Mexico: Don't be huevón and start working!

Chile: What's up, huevón. That guy is such a huevón.
by thekingofhell February 29, 2004
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in latin culture, a lazy man. a huevon is a person who is so lazy that his testicles drag on the ground. derived from the use of the spanish word huevos (eggs) as a slang word for testicles. A huevona is a the female equivalent, although a bit less true-to-form given the lack of a droopy ballsack!
After a long night of video games, Mateo slept until noon and missed work living up to his title of chief huevon.
by pennylane826 October 05, 2011
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muchos significados:
- tipo, sujeto
- estúpido, imbécil, pendejo
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
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In Chile, among friends say "huevón".
Hey "huevón", have you see the new teacher?
by Luciano Vera February 09, 2005
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Huevon literally refers to the size of a mans "cojones". It is commonly used to indicate how lazy someone is. The bigger the "huevon" you are, the lazier.
by j.m.o.l. August 14, 2008
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