The Term for any drug you inject that has poison in it. You get really hot, pass out and die in your sleep.
by Freak Face May 11, 2005
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Purposefully pouring some hot sauce in a friend's shot to make them either vomit or shit themselves.
He spent almost an hour in the bar's bathroom after we decided to give him a hotshot.
by Hottestshots June 08, 2019
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A highly skilled, intensively trained wildland firefighter, usually a member of a crew of about 20 people. Crews are based in many national parks and forests out west, but when wildfires erupt, they are sent to the front lines wherever they are needed. Physically intensive work.
the hotshots loaded up the buggy and drove to the fire
by Oxeye January 20, 2004
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An attractive male who is also well dressed, intelligent, very skilled at something which earns him profit, and who has the potential to accumulate status, power, and a very good looking woman.

Sometimes this word can be thought of as a bad thing, this is usually thought of by women who aren't attractive.
That (name) is pre-law, and he seems like kind of a hotshot, I'll bet he leaves all his friends behind and moves to a big city.
by Imperial HS March 11, 2009
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The painful process of excreting waste after eating spicy foods.
That lunch gave me some nasty hot shots.
by Baugust November 12, 2008
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When you take a shit and it comes out fast and really hot
Hey guys dont go into the bathroom i just had a fat hot shot
by Sloppitytopa February 18, 2020
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