Mostly everyone is wrong, a 'hot carl' is the act of putting seran over the face and taking a dump on it. Anal to oral is called a 'rusty trombone', dumping on the chest is a 'Cleaveland steamer', and anal to tit fuckin is a chilli dog. If you have the squirts and can attain maximum heat and force a hole through the seran and onto the skin/mouth then you are awarded extra points, carl would be proud.
I bought some seran wrap today because I want to give Carrie a hot carl for her birthday.
by yourgod November 29, 2005
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the act of putting seran-wrap on ones face and proceeding to take a hot steamy shit on the seran-wrap, thus letting them feel the warmth of the poo on their face.
last night was great, she loved the hot carl!!!
by cory mullins October 12, 2005
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A hot carl is when someone puts seran wrap ontop of another person's face and shits on it. This creates a warm tingly sensation that i like to call a piping hot carl.
Andrew gave Purt a piping hot carl.
by Macking Some Fat January 8, 2006
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everyone is wrong. a hot carl is just plain shitting on someone's face. a warm carl involves seran warp. and a cold carl involves the receiver laying under a glass table while the giver shits on the table over them.
I had to wash my face for three hours straight after Dave gave me a hot carl, next time I'll stick with a warm carl. Cold carl's are for wimps though
by Jackson McDonald October 26, 2006
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To seran wrap your face and have someone lay a hot steaming load on your face
Wow I can't believe Ramon likes when people shit on his face! He really is into hot carls.
by Cuiy7 Punch3r November 20, 2010
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When you poop in a sock and hit someone in the face with it.
The bitch wouldn't shut up so I had to give her a hot carl
by RaeFai May 23, 2009
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a hot carl definitely entails shitting in a tube sock, then foxtailing that shit straight to someone's face, upon which you scream 'hot carl!'...sound effects are a plus
Jeremy was being a huge tool, so I decided to lay down the law and hot carl his ass. I put that fag in his place.
by Governor December 12, 2006
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