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Mostly everyone is wrong, a 'hot carl' is the act of putting seran over the face and taking a dump on it. Anal to oral is called a 'rusty trombone', dumping on the chest is a 'Cleaveland steamer', and anal to tit fuckin is a chilli dog. If you have the squirts and can attain maximum heat and force a hole through the seran and onto the skin/mouth then you are awarded extra points, carl would be proud.
I bought some seran wrap today because I want to give Carrie a hot carl for her birthday.
by yourgod November 29, 2005

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1)Russin slang term for "god".

2)Term for a person who gives great sex.
"I slave for my wren"

"Was it good?"
"O god he was a wren"
by yourgod June 19, 2003

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