When you poop in a sock and hit someone in the face with it.
The bitch wouldn't shut up so I had to give her a hot carl
by RaeFai May 22, 2009
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To seran wrap your face and have someone lay a hot steaming load on your face
Wow I can't believe Ramon likes when people shit on his face! He really is into hot carls.
by Cuiy7 Punch3r November 20, 2010
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When you take a shit in your hand, throw it at somebody's face and kick them through a window.
I was so pissed off I Hot-Carl'd the guy interviewing me for the job!
by macdaddy94 November 05, 2006
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FUCK! you all are wrong about the hot carl. the proper hot carl is is achieved by wrapping saran wrap around the face, yes, but you must remember to make a bowl out of the wrap inside of the mouth. then you take a shit in the bowl(this will work best with soft poo/diarrhea). Now for the finale. when you are about to come. you have to push your dick through the the saran wrap bowl so that the hot shit and come inters the mouth all at once. it really is a beautiful thing.
bitch open your mouth so i can give you a hot carl.
by A_HIZZLE November 15, 2008
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A Hot-Carl is when you are in a 69 position and you squeeze out a hot, spicy fart. Since the chick's nose is near your butthole, she gets the extra pleasure of whatever you had for dinner that night. Strictly a class move. It is also known as the Alabama Nose Warmer.

All the above entries, I believe, are incorrect. Taking a shit over someone's face is called a "Glass-Bottom Boat". Shitting on someone's chest is called a "Cleveland Steamer".
Jenny's mouth felt so good on my cock, that I became too relaxed and blew a spicy Hot-Carl on her nose. I shouldn't have had those habanero poppers.
by Nycroft December 29, 2005
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The act of taking a shit on someone's face with Seran wrap over their face as to make you and/or your partner sexually aroused.

Especially cool if the Hot Carl-ee is a Chao to the Hot Carl-er
CHAO: Hey, dude, you wanna Hot Carl on my face?
ROBIN FAULKNER: Sure, dude I'm pretty full of shit right now.
CHAO: Oh, great, make sure you squeeze out all the liquid shit too, so I can suck it up with a straw later.
by Matt Sutty June 22, 2007
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When someone (or something) named Carl has a high temperate, or is giving off a large amount of heat.
*feels forehead*
Hrm, seems like you're a Hot-Carl. You should take the day off school.
by Carlhot October 13, 2008
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