The act of tittyfucking a chick after giving her a Cleveland Steamer.
Stacy: "I'm hungry. I could go for a chilli dog for lunch."

Mark: "I'm there! You strip down, I'll go take some Exlax!"

Stacy: "....What?"
by Doreauxgard August 28, 2007
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followes the cleavland steamer the act of titty fucking a chick after you shit on her chest
john let sally have a chilli dog
by semonster April 24, 2008
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when a woman shits on a mans dick then sucks him off.
that girl gave me a chilli dog last night.
by boogertime October 8, 2009
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After shoving your dick down someone's throat, you hold their face in place as they puke on and around your johnson.
My girlfriend coldly refused to try deepthroating me. So as a break-up present, I got her to give me a chilli dog.
by TheOtherCraiger August 29, 2007
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a form of male masturbation. The male grabs his erect penis with one hand and tucks it between his legs, pushing in his scrotum. He keeps pushing his penis until it reaches his anus. Once inside his anus, he pushes his ecrect penis in and out continually until he has to take a shit.
Danny was bored so he decided to chilli dog in glee while he watched Will and Grace.
by RJ aka...R.J. January 31, 2005
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