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A third-person action game made by Digital Extremes.

A "Warframe" is also the name of the exo-suits used in gameplay.
1. Look at my new Warframe, it's called Mag!

2. Damn dude, Mag sucks. Ember is better!
by BraveDude8 August 21, 2013
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An free to play online game created by Digital Extremes in which the players control the Tenno, an ancient race of warriors who can be described as "space ninjas". The Tenno use advanced armor called warframes with unique properties, which gives the game its name.

Warframe is a third person shooter which takes time to master, but in which n00bs can be carried fairly easily. This means that even at higher level, the number of n00bs is larger than in most games. That coupled with the limited number of levels and the fact that the game is entirely PvE make it so that Warframe can get boring very easily. Its still a good game though, and as the community grows the game evolves, so it may get better with time.
chocolateinsanity33: Warframe?
n00b@h4rt: fuck yes. time to level my Rhino
disastermaster12: Ready to kick some infested ass?
gerrytheclown: Always. Where do you want to go?
butteredpopc0rn: Saturn? Ruk is pissing me off
saryn_13: sounds good. I need a potato.

rollmodel77: LFG
by listlesspsycho August 08, 2013
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