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highly attractive; sexy; "bomb"
Janine is so humpable..
by Johnny Blaze April 25, 2003
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It is used to describe the clips that are used for guns such as AK47's.
I got bananas for you niggas and i aint talkin bout fruit.
by johnny blaze April 02, 2005
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Having the inherent but still untapped potential to reach a status of pimped out or pimp.
That '67 mustang may be a piece of shit...but it's definitely still got some pimptential.

Dude's good looking but he's got no game...what a waste of pimpetential.
by Johnny Blaze June 14, 2004
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Something you don't do in white peoples houses
Nigga Jeremy was fuckin around wit me after I killed that blunt and fell asleep man. He fuckin... you know what, fuck it. It was nothing. I ain't kickin it with that nigga ever again!
by johnny blaze December 17, 2004
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A crooked pussy. (almost sideways)
I'm not going to lick that panchueco, it's smiling at me.
by johnny blaze May 18, 2003
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phake ass whacko hippy; thinks crumbs are chron
Fuck, here comes that nealy
by johnny blaze December 19, 2003
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To refer to something as being better than a previous ownership. Mostly used when talking about cars. Made famous by J.W.A.S!
Yo did u check out Josh's new hotness? Much better than that p.o.s Escort he used to have.
by Johnny Blaze April 15, 2004
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