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It is used to describe the clips that are used for guns such as AK47's.
I got bananas for you niggas and i aint talkin bout fruit.
by Johnny Blaze April 2, 2005
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Something you don't do in white peoples houses
Nigga Jeremy was fuckin around wit me after I killed that blunt and fell asleep man. He fuckin... you know what, fuck it. It was nothing. I ain't kickin it with that nigga ever again!
by Johnny Blaze December 17, 2004
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Fag that can rap fast....and.... umm........he can....no wait.......uhh........
Tech N9ne would fucking kill Twista. You Twista fans don't even know who the fuck that is, so don't even say shit
by Johnny Blaze December 17, 2004
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phake ass whacko hippy; thinks crumbs are chron
Fuck, here comes that nealy
by Johnny Blaze December 19, 2003
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To refer to something as being better than a previous ownership. Mostly used when talking about cars. Made famous by J.W.A.S!
Yo did u check out Josh's new hotness? Much better than that p.o.s Escort he used to have.
by Johnny Blaze April 15, 2004
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