These are variants of the popular Cheetos chips made by Frito Lay. They are very spicy and stain your lips and fingers red. Flaming Cheetos are one of the primary food items among Mexicans and African Americans. Do not eat too many Flaming Hot Cheetos or you might become constipated.
1. Damn, I haven't taken a dump in a week after eating those Flaming Hot Cheetos.

2. "My ninja, them Mexicans jacked all of our Flaming Cheetos"
by Wayne October 31, 2004
The act of dipping ones penis into a large container of hot sauce and then getting a blow job.
Stefan gave a flaming hot cheeto to Kyle and his mouth burned for days.

The guy wanted his girlfriend to give him a flaming hot cheeto but she refused so he hit her.
by HelloKitty4042 October 18, 2010
Probably one of the, if not hottest snack foods ever created. Eating just one of these things may have you screaming for a drink. Rumor has it these are made in the depths of hell, thus their hot flavour.
I nearly passed out when I ate that whole bag of flaming hot cheetos
by Mr. Hamster Man December 2, 2009
When you soak your penis in hand sanitizer and light that puppy on fire before sticking into a vagina.
" Bro I did a flaming hot cheeto on my girl last night and I burned her meat curtains!"
by DemonSemen 3-141 June 24, 2019
The act of stuffing flaming hot Cheetos into a girls ass or pussy, then fucking her.
The bartender wanted a flaming hot cheeto but only with lime.
by ForeskinHero November 29, 2017