cheeze: another word for cash money! also refer to cheese definition.
orign from the hood when families would get their free money or government cheese. (2) also meaning head of something, e.g. a boss, team leader, head honcho,
yo! son I gotz to make that Cheeze!

damn where did you get all that cheeze?

what's up big cheeze!

I don't know ask the big cheeze!
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 18, 2005
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its a slang term for crack in da hood. i appologize to all yall black ass dope dealers. i just educated the masses sos you cant talk in code.
one time i smoked so much cheeze i woke up convulsin and grindin my teeth asking to hit the shooter.
by EDDIE B May 31, 2004
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a liitle kid who looks nerdy but loves to get high
Cheeze Cheeeeeeeeeezeeeeee.(puff of smoke)
by B13B September 13, 2009
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Where one's underwear and pants are in their butt
Ugh she got cheeze all in her booty she probably aint wearnig no drawers.
by Ra`shawn April 2, 2005
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a type of bud with di dankest smell. smellz strong hence di name cheeze. originate from birmingham. bascially high grade bud with nuff chemicals bt gets you mashed
what you burnin der.
wtf does is smell lyk.
by dondodda June 24, 2010
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Any video game, computer software, or other commercial product that is extremely substandard. See shit, Windows XP
GameStop gave Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles a good review, but I think it's cheeze.
by LordNarcos July 6, 2004
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Any more Cheez-They in that box?
by Chimwechan guy February 16, 2010
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