THE SHITTEST MOVIE EVER, classsed as a "horror" film, it has nothing to do with horror, it's just people getting chopped up like animals. The first hour or so of the film is pure sex (amsterdam for ya), the next hour is spent in a torture house with people getting tortured by evil surgeons who have nothing better to do. The things that happen in the beginning of the film have absolutey NOTHING to do with what happens in the end, and you will be left confused with a headache. There is only one plus side to this movie - the guy who stars in it & stays alive is EXTREMELY hot. I was hooked on him-not the movie. Dont waste your money. Seriously!
watching hostel IS torture.
by Lola* March 30, 2006
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Hot Older Sister That Everyone Loves
Guy 1: Yo, dude Jane is hot.

Guy 2: Yeah man and she's got a HOSTEL!
by hotoldersister June 04, 2017
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verb: to torture or beat the crap out of someone. Most likely derived from the movie of the same name.
Shutup before I hostel you.

If you keep acting like that you're gonna get hostelled.
by JimmyP2003 January 09, 2006
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in a country town, at the only senior high school for abour 2 hours, the place where kids who live to far away for buses to reach stay. Typically considered skanks, dress in very short, tight clothing. They can be called lesbians as they share small, open spaces without adults for an entire year. Never respected, or appreciated. Slightly unintelligent and usually do not pull the guys.
"look at that hostel, she is such a slut - i heard she got rejected by 6 guys on the same night!!"
by omgitsbex January 02, 2006
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