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An ignorant, degrading, condescending, judgemental and hypocritical phrase asserted by fuckwit Bible-thumpers and conservative critics to films like Hostel and Saw and The Devils Rejects. The logic behind Hostel and Devil's Rejects being pinned such an ignorant term, maybe I could see. But the Saw films don't deserve that condescending shit.

'Torture porn' is a term that doesn't apply because it's BEEN applied by assholes, to films that have violence and nudity. Said assholes like to assume fans of these films are sadists who jerk off to this kind of thing or something, which in reality is fucking bullshit propaganda at it's finest. Most people who label Saw torture porn have never even SEEN the goddamn film, and just listen to what the media tells them about it, because they're fucking stupid. Not one fan of Hostel or Saw that I've ever known in my entire life has gone to see it because they wanted to jerk off to pain and suffering. They went to see it because they wanted to see a story, and use intellect to read between the fucking lines and see a film for what it is.

Case in point: Hostel. Yes, it has porno-style nudity, and yes it focuses on torture and gore. However, if you give it a thought (I know how uncomfortable haters of "torture porn" are with that God-awful "thinking"), you might see it as a film about the darkness of human nature within itself, and in a way it makes us think about the price of life. If you think I'm just making this shit up as an excuse to watch people die in agony, you're a goddamn moron, so please fuck your mother and die.

I don't even HAVE to defend the Saw films, because any fan of the Saw films can show the philisophical subtexts to the Saw films, which I will defend to my last breath.

Another point: THEY'RE JUST MOVIES. No one is really getting tortured, it's just special effect and makeup. You want torture porn? Read the Bible, and shut the fuck up.
Retard: Saw III and Hostel II are torture porn! I'm better than everybody because fans of those movies are sadists!

Smart person: Have you even seen those movies?

Retard: Uuuuuuhhhhh. . .no. But Oprah said they're bad!

Smart person: Exactly. You have no idea what you're talking about, SO SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop using that bullshit rhetoric mantra about fans of films who in real life are perfectly normal.

Retard: Saw fans are psychos! Hostel fans are sadists! Torture porn! Jerking off to gore! McCain/Palin 08!
by NoFadsThen April 3, 2009
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An interdimensional being that you don't want to fuck with. He's a primary villain in the Stephen King universe, created by Stephen King. He's appeared in nine novels by King so far, usually as a villain, and and sometimes just by cameo. He is a socrcerer of the Outer Dark, and he usually appears in novels as trying to bring down civilization through creating conflict and spreading violence and destruction.

He goes by many names, in the Dark Tower universe, he is known as Walter O'Dim, mainly in the Gunslinger as Roland Deschain chases him through a desert and then a mountain seeking information on the Dark Tower. Flagg is generally Roland's oldest enemy.

Randall Flagg first appears in The Stand. After a man-made plague destroys civilization, people are drawn to Flagg as he sets up his new outpost in Las Vegas. He here becomes a demonic warmongering fascist, as he crucifies and tortures disloyal betrayers. He is ultimately destroyed in our world when the Las Vegas outpost is destroyed with a nuclear weapon. However, since it has been said that Randall Flagg has caused trouble in our world under many different names, this doesn't seem to matter. In the end of the book, there is an epilogue where he finds some natives on a beach and becomes their saviour under a different name, repeating the Wheel-of-Ka cycle.

The next Stehen King novel Flagg reappears in "Eyes of the Dragon", as an evil wizard causing havoc on a medieval city.

In the TV adaptation of 'The Stand', he is played by Jamey Sheridan.

He goes by nicknames of "Walkin' Dude", "The Dark Man" and the "Man in Black" and "Dark Man with no Face", and Stephen King says he got the inspiration out of nowhere while in college, and also he attributed some of his inspiration for the character to Donald DeFreeze from the Patty Hearst case.
You don't fuck with Randall Flagg.
by NoFadsThen June 17, 2009
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Relating to the film: Hostel is a 2006 thriller film directed by Eli Roth and produced/presented by Quentin Tarantino.

The film follows three backpackers traveling Europe in search of good time (read: sex and drugs). They are told of a hostel in Slovakia where the women are extremely available, especially to Americans. They have an odd encounter with a Dutch Businessman on the train there, and arrive getting truly what they expected.

However, the Eastern-European community begins to show its dark side as a background of the place and a certain connection with a local business there begins to rear its ugly head.

The travelers are lured in by women and drugs and launched into an unimaginable nightmare as they become the victims of an underground Russian-Mafia-ran business called Elite Hunting, where jaded wealthy people can pay to torture and kill people who have been taken hostage, much like how prostitution works.

Due to the graphic nature of the film, it has been considered, over the years, "torture porn", or at least a major icon in that sub-genre. Many fans of the film counter this idea however.

By intentions of the director, Hostel is an extremely dark social satire, which comments on the issues of the price of life, the moral limits of commercial enterprise, the dark inevitable side of huamn nature, a culture that thrives on violence, the occuasional ignorance of American culture for seeing other nations as uncivilized and compares the profession of prostitution to a profession of torture (Elite Hunting).

The film is controversial for many reasons. It's extremely violent nature which has gotten it its label of "torture porn", the misrepresentation of Slovakians, the controversy over whether or not the story is inspired by true events (as it was billed). Many Slovakians in government and in their public were extremely offended by the film, seeing it as a ridiculous portrayal as a poverty-stricken and violent Mafia-ran country.

Many critics are divided on their thoughts on Hostel, but reaction its 2007 sequel Hostel: Part II were generally negative, as it was also a box office bomb.
1: I liked Hostel, not so much for the gore, but for its social satire, the gore I can take or leave
2: You DARE like a movie that's unpopular amongst the general population? That makes you a TORTURE PORN-LOVER!! BURN HIM AT THE STAKE!!!
1: I didn't say that.
2: Burn him!!!!
1: I mean, it's like it was a real snuff torture film or anything, it WAS just a movie, and the people who made weren't necessarily sick, they'd actual appeal as down-to-earth people if met in rwal life--
2: He's using logic and obviousness! BURN HIM!!
1: Can't we just agree that I liked the movie for that one aspect, and you didn't--
*angry mob lead by 2 goes after 1*
by NoFadsThen June 11, 2009
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A man on YouTube named Kevin, or a former YouTuber, known by those in the know as a staunch atheist, 'pwning' VioletKitty411, also having started a 'Pantless Revolution'. On top of making less-than-reputable videos, he gave up in a fight with FakeSagan, and later posted a video of him having sex with FakeSagan's fiance (probably an older video), Oshun, and closed his account.

FakeSagan is still after CapnOAwesome today.
"The Holocaust was biggest myth ever created by mankind."--CapnOAwesome

"I declare an Atheist Jihad on VioletKitty411. This all started when she left a comment on my profile, and then blocked me immediately afterwords so I couldn't reply.
Until I get unblocked and/or an apology, I will continue my Jihad."

by NoFadsThen February 20, 2009
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An epic novel by Stephen King which is a true masterpiece, albeit bizarre as hell, about four psychically enabled childhood friends, who are receive their power from a remarkable Down Synrdome's kid named Duddits. However, during their annual hunting trip, they encounter a disoriented man who was separated from his group. The man, however, is bringing something with him, and the friends are launched into an epic struggle with an alien race. On the other side of the story is an insane militia leader and his protege, and the deadly lengths he'll go to in order to prevent the aliens from spreading. These two sides of the story become intertwangled, leading back to the secret of how the friends they got the way they are, their special fifth friend, their "dreamcatcher".

Stephen King wrote this novel entirely by hand after being struck down by a car in 1999, because he couldn't sit as his word processor, but he needed to write something because he needed the recreation to ease the pain he was in.

It was fixed into novel form and publsished in 2001, and had a fantastic film adaption in 2003, which starred Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane, Donnie Wahlberg and Jason Lee.

Also, it's worth noting that it's been thrown out that Dreamcatcher takes place in the same universe as Stephen King's 'It'. Read it, you'll see.

Dreamcatcher is a novel by Stephen King that a lot of older fans didn't care for, and some even found to be less classier than his earlier work. Mainly because of the monsters known as 'shit-weasels'.

But it's still an incredibly worthy read, and an excellent film.
by NoFadsThen April 5, 2009
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A vlogger on YouTube by the name of Teroja Kincaid (or TJ), a liberal atheist who frequently rants about politics, religion and even the slightest things that irritate him. He has well-known videos speaking out on Christian ideology, censorship and current world events.
The Amazing Atheist is funnier than Fred and his stupid munchkin voice any day of the week.
by NoFadsThen January 30, 2009
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