A noun, verb, and adjective that can describe anything, anyone, or anyone and anything in the act of doing something.
You're such a hos.

I'm so hos'ing a blunt lemme call you back.

Stupid ass hos..
by videohead43 March 31, 2010
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some word you use in south africa that mostly coloured ( dark skin ) ouens use to comment to somebodys statement
for e.g. Aminah: 'come we go to the spaza shop' Layla: 'HOSSS awe come we go!'
by rawrsmith December 02, 2019
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A pale white man who steals tweets for fame but only gets 1 or 2 likes. It has curled hands and cant get any pussy. Bleeds gold and blue sports claiming to know all about sports, but he was too un-athletic to play. he'll tell you what you wanna hear but be careful its most likely wrong. A snake of a man. if you can even call him a man.
by Asspenis9 November 04, 2018
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Ho’s is the only one that is replaceable.

A prostitute
alteration of whore

To accept payment in exchange for sexual relations.
bros before Ho's
slang A reminder, said by a male to his male friend(s), asserting that their friendship should be more important than relationships or interactions with females. Come on, man, don't ditch us for that girl you just met! Bros before Ho's , bro!
by Lofy December 16, 2018
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It means either, that something is fast 'Man that thing Hos'
or it means lets go 'Im gonna Hos'.
'Man that thing can Hos'

'This is boring lets Hos'
by Gilesy132 June 14, 2009
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A word used as greeting: to greet people such as your friends especially when entering a chatroom or greeting a group of people
He logged on to IRC and typed, "hos hos everyone"
by zxc1337 April 15, 2005
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