A name used to refer to the Manchester Utd number 10 Ruud Van Nistlerooy. A man with horse like features.
Van Nistlerooy is galloping forward like the horse that he is.
by chris January 12, 2005
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A substantially large cock. Usually larger than 9".
John-"Dude i had to buy larger boxers because my horse was hanging out the left leg"
by Dr. Catz PhD December 29, 2010
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A girl with such an ugly and long face that you can tell that they will never be, nor have ever been, laid
Put that beastly human into a stable because shes a fucking horse.
by Haggardlybananna November 28, 2016
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Meaning someone that is a coward and runs away at the site of a gangster
That Horse couldn't get away fast enough
by Muffin Man December 01, 2004
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A Horse is typically a middle aged married women who has an inner home wrecker slut inside of her perfect image. A Horse enjoys having affairs with married men. A horse is often referred to as a slag or tard.
Oh look at that Horse, she's probably going to sleep with Mr. jones, I wonder if his wife knows!
by martobs August 08, 2011
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(horse, horsey, horsi) also known as a Tongan due because of their diet of horse meat, giving more meaning to "you are what you eat"; also can be used to refer to a fellow Tongan as such with the slang "homie" or "cuzz".


Never call a Tongan a "horse" in a negative tone of voice. May lead to permanent paralysis and broken bones. If you would like to avoid harsh brutal physical contact, please check with your fellow Tongan if he or she does not mind you calling them a "horse".
1. Sup horse?

2. It's all about that Horsepower.
by W 3$T October 14, 2007
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