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A game of bingo which simultaneously involves drinking beer usually at a casino. Home versions can also be played and can involve TV shows and movies... you can pretty much adapt your own rules... as long as there is beer involved you can call it beer-I-N-G-O... the best part is... everyone's a winner!
1. "Grab your daubers and lets meet at the Red Rock Casino for some beer-I-N-G-O!"

2. "Let's watch Tosh.0 and play beer-I-N-G-O!!! We should be wastey face in no time!!!"
by Misa Rose September 22, 2010
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A mix between Horrendous and Horrible because Hereinous just doesn't sound right.
Kristi: Thats Horrendible!
by Misa Rose November 4, 2008
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Not very exciting whatsoever, in fact very much the opposite, although easily misunderheard as exciting.
Kristi: "Woah, I just scored big on Lexulous!"
me: "Wow how ehciting!" -rolls eyes
Kristi: I know... wait... what? Dammit!"
by Misa Rose May 20, 2009
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An expression used to indicate disappointment, dismay or dislike as in the sound effect heard when pac-man dies and you lose you loser.
Bree: Whats green and has wheels?
Me: I unno, what?
Bree: a Frog, I lied about the wheels! hahahaha!
Me: pac-man fizzle... your jokes are not funny you loser.

Kristi: Ouchie! I just burned my arm!
Me: Aww, pac-man fizzle, hope it's not too bad you loser.
Kristi: Thanks jerk, I just hope it doesn't leave a scar.
by Misa Rose November 27, 2009
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Actually Literally Laughing Out Loud not just saying so by typing LOL in a text, instant message, chat or the like. Literally loling is usually accompanied by a big Kool-Aid smile that lasts anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes after initial literal laughter subsides or is otherwise contained in order to avoid questions like "whats so funny?" from annoying ease droppers in close proximity or around the vicinity of said loler.

Literally loling takes extra effort to type and conveys to others that lol is not just being used as a sentence-filler by someone lazy or pretending to be amused and therefore should be used sparingly for those true lol moments.

Furthermore, it's use can expand past type/text scenarios when describing a literal lol moment.
K-rizztxt: So how was Vegas?

Metxt: OMG! At TAO, I was dance raped by a Puerto Rican midget chic from New York while her husband was snappin photos saying, "What happens in Vegas baby!" True story!

K-rizztxt: Woah dude! I'm literally loling! I wanna see the pics!

later that day (in a non-textversation)...

Kristi: Dude, you can't send messages like that while I'm at work! I was literally loling and was asked "whats so funny" by my obnoxious cubemate.

Me: Who cares check out the pix on my facespace!!! It was such a the hangover kind of weekend!

Kristi: Sounds like it, if you didn't have proof I'd think you'd pirated it from TFLN.
by Misa Rose August 13, 2009
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