This is when psuedocylomates (certain worms) use their "hooks" to have sex. This is a very effective and fun way to reproduce.
Hey dude did u see Jane and Erica hooking up. Yea dude it was sexy as hell.
by I live in Ohio June 23, 2006
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When two people get together for date-like activities. does not have to be sexual. Can also be someone hooking up two other people
Tony and Hannah were hooking up two people the other day.
by Trixter August 08, 2006
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Fucking! Raw Sex, No Love or pretense. Getting Laid Millennium Style. Coined or used repeatedly by Millennials. In Fact we are tired of old women as "Cougars" Late night. Hooking Up. Old Cougars are still sluts like old Viagra crazed men. Age doesn't make a slut classy or record breaking Hookups in the future. Best Slang term I heard from John Latray he says " Two dogs Hooking up" Nothing that hysterical as two dogs back to back with his peter "red". Can you say OWWW! Next M.I.L.F. I won't use these 2 words over and over. goes with territory! Will leave MILF for next person to describe.
Janie hooked up with Jonesy on the hood of his car. Funny really, Paul Cook was driving with no place to go. Hooking up is used as verb action, Fucking, Hooking up. Not Making Love or Sckroging! Example #2, You knew when Juicy Julie wasn't pestering everybody at the party , we knew exactly what she was doing when she was squealing delightedly while "hooking up" with York in the Laundry Room on the washer.
by Butchreno911 September 04, 2015
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The act of giving drugs to another.
Some crack dealers must have really hooked up some of the losers writing definitions for 'hooking up'.
by Simon Says Go Fuck Yourself March 22, 2004
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Hooking up means kissing. If you are only 14 it is a peck... anything else dosnt matter
Melissa was hooking up with 2 guys at the same time. Don't tell her neighbor, no big deal.
by janene September 22, 2007
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