Call To Action. In Advertising it refers to the portion of the message that gets a reader to act on the advertisement
A Call to Action (CTA) would be: Buy now, Click here, etc.
by Smak13 April 5, 2011
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An abbreviation for the "Colon Three Army" A paramilitary group of bipolar teenagers, who occupy the Park Lane area of Sunderland. Nearly in all cases own a Tumblr account and claim to be bisexual and 90% of their solid food intake (Not including cum) is subway. Several lieutenants in the CTA can be found in your local subway or even Valentinos take out.
"Nigga 1 - Hey, I heard you got raped lastnight!"
"Nigga 2 - Yeah it was the fucking CTA Again!"

"Nigga 1 - Hey, Can i be in the CTA"
"Nigga 2 - Sure, You have to be raped by Callum Cutter since he's the head fag of CTA"
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Calf-Thigh-Ass. Used to define the leg structure of a human.

Term was first brought up by Jacksfilms in the "Olympics: Inappropriate Commentary" video.
Damn, that gymnast has one helluva well-toned CTA!
by Mac East October 21, 2009
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Call To Action AKA Sex
Sorry lads got a CTA last night gonna be late for the lecture
by CTA101 February 28, 2023
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(To) Cover Their Asses legally. Plural of CYA or Cover Your Ass.
The construction crew cut several fiber optic cables and later had their terms of service revised to legally CTA.
by onceinabluemoon February 6, 2015
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