3 definitions by hooka1

A name for a girl with breasts that are so pointy you feel as though safety googles may be required.
He put his hands over his eyes as pointy approached. He feared loss of sight.
by hooka1 January 12, 2005
A person who does randomly hookafied acts and takes part in hookafication. A hooka usually has a pose that is unique to their style of hookafication. Deviant acts may be proceeded with the term "Hey guys, watch this". A hooka can usually be found lounging.
The hookas decided to go to TJ Max and create old man outfits for a photo session.
by hooka1 January 12, 2005
An old man who appears to be chewing something constantly, even when nothing is in his mouth.
That hobo is a chewer.
by hooka1 January 12, 2005