Loud ass, carrot top looking, teachin fool who cant keep a classroom under control, but cool sumtimes I guess ://
Kid 1: Yo, did you finish that gov paper?
Kid 2: No, but I have Kimble, so it doesn't matter.
Kid 1: You right.
by Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad November 13, 2018
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The very literal definition of salt. No other substance in the world has been discovered to be as potently salty as Kimble.
My god stop being such a kimble.
by EggplantOverlord June 11, 2016
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A nickname given to a person usually Koreans in background for their Jerky attitude towards life.

Usually Kimbles are extremely good at on-line games, nonetheless this just increases their jerkiness in every day life.
-Oh man Kimble is owning in DOTA
-yeh, but still he is such a JERK!, i wish he loses.
by pichon007 October 26, 2010
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a 90's nickname to someone who is being a Fugitive of the law. Made Trendy because of Dr. Richard Kimble from the TV Series "The Fugitive"
"are You Kimble"
"no why"
"the police are asking for you around town"
by Opticalriot July 24, 2018
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Kimble (kim-bill, verb): to defeat opposition in a given sporting event, despite being handicapped by the lack of one arm. From the popular movie and television series 'The Fugitive', in which a mysterious one-armed man is responsible for Doctor Richard Kimble being dispossessed of wife, marriage, and household effects, as well as being arrested for wife's murder.
The HillBrezzy and the Lord of the Manor were foiled in battle during a recent Indoor Cricket game when, whilst hoping to win, they were KIMBLED!
by The Turk May 02, 2006
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