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Black eyed piss is hip hop? More like XTREMELY VIOLENT ASSRAPE
One of the many leaders of "Mainstream Hell."
by ThaNeoGospel January 06, 2005
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Basically a bunch of nonsense.

Websense is software that messes with your internet connection in that if you try to go to a certain page in the internet, it goes through the Administrator and Websense first, and if Websense has it on its little blacklist for any particular reason, you will not be allowed to view the site. This is called proxy.

Seems innocent enough at first, but that it is before you realize its ultra-sensitivity. Websense is critical of what you view. You're not allowed to view image searches in Google for example (you can in Yahoo), which is completely harmless (depending on what you're searching for.) Anything with any sort of ties to recreational activities is shot down immediately. For example, any website under Web Hosting (Angelfire and Tripod are examples that host webpages), is blocked regardless of its content, but because of the category "Web-Hosting."

All in all, Websense is Nazi Software/Software that is too tough on restrictions.

*Bypassing Websense...*
There are some websites that help with Proxy-Avoidance (another filtered category for the most part.) But the easiest thing to do is to go to a webpage translation service, such as WorldLingo. Set your languages, and you're done. I don't believe that you can send data while using WorldLingo however, i e you can't login to any sort of account.
*Enter the World of Pseudo-Hackerz*

Hacker 1: I can't go to gamespot.com!!!
Hacker 2: I hate websense! I'm going to delete it from my computer.

*Hacker 2 attempts and realizes that he cannot manually delete Websense software. He then attempts to use Command Prompt and tries to get into the administrator's account. attempts prove futile.

Hacker 2: I'm an elite hacker! I cannot be stopped by a machine! I will hack the world!!!!!
Hacker 1: Yeah let's go kill the admins!!!

Khaotic: Why don't you try the backspace login...?
by ThaNeoGospel March 19, 2005
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Where bad music spawns out and eats away at the minds of stupid children like ants swarming on a dead cow. It can also be compared to a dangerous drug.
It is a dark age for music. Sadly.
by ThaNeoGospel January 06, 2005
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A fucked up cartoon that showed that whenever you eat a can of spinach, you get big honkin bazooka muscles and you can kick major ass. Was kinda nice to watch as a kid though.
I don't "y'eats" mah spinach, oh shit i have no muscles.
by ThaNeoGospel November 05, 2004
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Common noob/31337 n00bz0r phrase.
<pwnz0r> hello i m looking 4 UT2K4 mod were 2 download plz kthx
<King O Justice> This is the Quake 3 discussion IRC channel. Get out.
<Barley> a lot of noobs lately
<pwnz0r> Cmon gusy i need download when come the link???/
<King O Justice> Kicked.

And so the idiot leaves the channel.
by ThaNeoGospel January 06, 2005
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"The posterboy for faceless generic rock if not for the fact if you think about it, a posterboy can't be faceless."

A piece of shit band that is highly overrated by teens and girly-girls who seem to be in love with the band members. The Reason, almost as bad as the "Voice inside my YED" by Crap 182, is some bleeding heart song about

"I jus want u to knoowwwwwwwwww
I've found the reason for meeeeeeee
to change wut i use 2 beeeeeeeeee
a weezon to start over newwwwwwwwww
and the reason is uuuuuuuuuu"

It's basically the same thing over and over again very slowly. Down with Hoobastank. Bad music is a sin.
d00d: hay bitch ur the reason for me
d00d gf: omg u lisin 2 hoobasuck ur gay
by ThaNeoGospel November 06, 2004
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Black Eyed Peas=The "Neo" hippies
Trendsetting hippies, it's bad enough, but with stupid young teenagers say "No violence, because it is mean!" then you know that we have a monopoly on our hands.

die peas
by ThaNeoGospel January 06, 2005
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