(Noun) A large nose; referring to the fake noses that clowns wear that, when squeezed, produce a 'honk' sound.
You've got quite a honker on your face.
by AnonymouslyManlyMan August 28, 2011
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Another word for Boobs. You can use it for men too.
Person 1: Gah damn look at my huge honkers dude!

Person 2: No homo bro but can I touch it?

Person 3: Of course! Is a normal thing for us homies! ...Maybe.
by LouiluvK May 22, 2022
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ulster scots for the ball of your foot/ the heel
sit on yer honkers wee lawd!
by lets move on August 8, 2003
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A word used to describe all prehistoric reptiles, dinosaur or not. This word originated from the American comic book series Turok: Son of Stone (1956-1982), which is about two Native Americans (named Turok and Andar) getting lost in a valley of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Or, as Turok called them all, honkers.
Unseen Creature: ARRREYYYYINNNK!

Andar: I never heard a honker's call like that!

Turok: It could only come from a big honker, Andar, and it is close by!
by Proteus_the_Terrible September 30, 2019
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The precarious state that someone often finds themselves late in the night
Um. Please do? I’d be honkered.
by Vileyonderboy October 23, 2019
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