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a homag is an extremely awesome person who has a sensative side that is for sure an asset. you probably aren't a homag but you may be a HIT, HIT IT, NON HIT IT, or MRS HIT IT.
basically homags are amazing.
OH EM GEE ang, you are such a homag, i heart that!!!!!
by mjb88 September 08, 2006
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1. "Gooch", the area between a man's balls and anus.
2. When input into a mobile phone text with predictive text appears as "homag"
3. Homag is a much better word. Can now describe gooch with very few people knowing what you mean, and use the word in general chit chat.
4. Name a film after it. "Enter The Homag". You'll never find it so don't bother searching the web. Unless you're in the know...
I've got a sweaty homag.
by Mr Marple December 11, 2006
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a homosexual maggot. this may be used as an EXTREMLEY offensive insult or a very kind compliment depending on your mood.
Wow dont be such a homag! or Oh honey i love you, your such a homag!
by December 28, 2009
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