Someone that is not just a good listener or reader but can also supply good and relevant answers and suggestions.

From Nadav To ann Schnieder
wow, you are such a good answerer.
Ann, is an exlent answerer.
by Mr. Nadav August 30, 2009
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The answer you give when you have no answer, but have the power to do as you please.
Extreme level of control mentality.
Citizen: Due to the highly negative impact on the quality of life of this city, we propose to do an in-depth investigation about municipal management of toxic waste.

Politician: The Answer Is No To That.
by rperazag May 16, 2010
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1) Nickname for NBA player Allen Iverson
2) Nickname for the biggest prick in Ashford, Bhuwan. Bhuwan is such a big dumb prick, thinking it is "cool" to get drunk at school. Bhuwan is also a big fan of drawing on all of his possessions and himself in magic marker. What a prick.
"The Answer is such a prick, he thinks drawing on himself in magic marker is cool"
by ashfordboi-123 March 05, 2007
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