1. a characteristic commonly shown in a "hoe".

2. a state of mind leading to the pulling of hoe moves

3. the way of a "hoe"

(f.y.i.= hoeness can also lead to HOE Business)
"You a "hoe" for tripping me in front of all of those people. I hope your hoeness gets you in trouble with random politicians...wudahoe."

"Lol...you actually decided to go up to a random baby, NOT to smile at it, but to take his candy. You a "hoe"!!!!! How can somebody be so full of hoeness?"
by a man of hoeish ways April 15, 2008
Something that a “hoespreads when he/she touches someone.
“Stop spreading you’re hoeness, Lexi!”
by Alex Bieber January 12, 2018
The art of being a hoe
Oh yeah Mariana, she's cool ever since she turned down her hoeness
by Markishh August 2, 2016
The time of the year when hormones are high and bitches be hoes.
Damn, she’s acting up. That’s some seasonal hoeness
by kchoe March 30, 2022