1.) rach-it - Noun - This refers to a promiscuous woman that is used to help get a nut off.

2.) rach-it - Noun - Women that can be used like the (ratchet) tool to help get a tricky nut off.
I need to find me a Ratchet Hoe, cause I ain't sprayed my seed in awhile mang.
by SearcherofTheStrange May 29, 2014
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Someone Who dresses as if they were a stripper or a prostitute. Someone who flirts with a lot of guys.
"You see that girl Cardio Bronchitis? She over there talking to those boys being a ratchet hoe..."
by tnt._.tre October 9, 2018
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Girls who be in the club twerking and screaming for no reason. Often yells “period” or “fuck it up
Ratchet Hoe -Look at my bestie twerking on that nigga she fucking it up !
by CharlesJohansan November 4, 2019
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Where a girl ping pongs from one guy to another.
Another definition of a slut.
Bitch has so many guys she a ratchet hoe.
by Rayyyyy1111 May 20, 2012
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Ratchet Hoe: noun; referring to a female lacking class and integrity. Pertaining to women with weak moral foundations that generally are characterized by their general antagonism towards people; slut; degenerate.
That fuckin' ratchet hoe was all up in my face! She really thinks shes all that!
by strippersarenotpeople November 3, 2013
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Nasty skanks that can be found friday night through sunday afternoon. Some even stay out all week. They just wanna be fake and start drama all over town
Ashlee: that bitch was ratchet
Amisha:well you know what they say, ratchet hoes come out on friday night
by KingB13 December 8, 2013
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cardi or nicki?”
“nicki, of course, why would i like that ratchet hoe.”
by expoxsed October 9, 2018
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