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1. A situation or act comprised of a combination of unecessary, consecutive hoe moves; hoeish activities.

2. created by a continuos rapid fire of hoe remarks causing a hoe move or activity to occur.

3. can only be done by a hoe ass person/individual that gains satisfaction from his/her hoe move..

4. a barrage of successful hoe moves, creating a hoeish atmosphere.

Bill-"That's a fresh white T that you have on."
John-"I just bought it, thanks! I'm kind of thirsty do you have something to drink?"
Bill-"Would you like some "RED" soda? It's all we have. He he, I have some Sprite, but I wont offer it though."(laughing under breath)"

-the hoe move in this situation is that Bill recognizes that John has a fresh white T. Bill offers John "RED" soda, a white shirts worst enemy. Though Bill has sprite, he WANTED to be a hoe and not offer it, so in the event that "RED" soda gets on his white T, he'll get satisfaction knowing that his many hoe moves were sucessful. Along with the fact that he couldn't be the scape goat because John never asked if there were any other sodas. (something that can be argued between the two, but a hoe can avoid it for a time) lol inturn you have created HOE BUSINESS.
by a man of hoeish ways April 12, 2008
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