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Hoe Checking is a way to bring down someones Dignity.
A hoe check can be avoided by repeating the same thing someone has said to you, or just simply not responding. Can be done to anyone, gender does not matter. Hoe checking has taken the MMORPG FFXI by storm, many linkshells in the game have been seen hoe checking other linkshells and fellow players.
Man1: Dave?
Man2: yeah?
Man1: Just hoe checking...
Man2: Damn

John: Mary?
Mary: John?
In this case the hoe check has failed

by KareemOwned March 06, 2008
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a way to let somebody know u got them. a way for friends to let friends know who's boss. a friendly prank.

<Miles walks in a room>
Lennette: Yo Miles!
Miles: Wassup?
Lennette: Just hoe checkin'.
<Lennette Wins>

by LilMzKnowItAll August 29, 2011
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A "hoe check" is something you do to another person that qualifies the other person as a "hoe" so to speak.
Here is how it works:
You have 2 people. One person being yourself, another being an unsuspecting victim.
***Refer to Example 1 for a successful hoe check.

Example 1 is a standard, everyday hoe check. There are many variations that apply to different situations, but are more difficult to use.
When Carl acknowledges George in any way, Carl is wide open for a hoe check. When used sparingly, it is extremely easy to hoe check someone, but over time people catch on and are not so easily fooled. So it is best to use hoe checks at random, unexpected times.
***Refer to Example 2 for a failed hoe check.
If you say "no hoe check", it is automatic safety -- and if they proceed with the hoe check anyway they are either
A.) Deaf
B.) Mentally retarded
C.) Both A & B
There are many other ways to avoid being hoe checked. Some of them include:
-Ignoring the person completely until they give up.
-Reply in generalities such as: "Hey everybody, whats going on?"
-If you mention anything about a hoe check in your response.
These are just a few other methods of escaping the dreaded hoe check. You are not limited to these methods, make your own =)
That is a explanation of hoe checks. Have fun and piss off your friends! Enjoy.
We'll use made up names -- George and Carl as an example.

Example 1:
**Enter Carl**
George>> Carl, dude
Carl>> ??
George>> Hoe check
Carl>> =(

Example 2:
**Enter Carl**
George>> Carl
Carl>> no hoe check -- sup?
George>> =(
by MWHQB July 03, 2006
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A term used in FFXI originated in a linkshell called "FriendlyFire". It is basically used to tick off the person that is being /telled. It can be applied as a response to all wh- questions.
>>Belkin: yo
Belkin>>: sup?
>>Belkin: nothin, just hoe checking.
by Budhabiwiz July 03, 2006
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1. To verbally attack someone who has gotten out of line; to put someone back into their place. To bring a hoe back down to a hoe level. Some people use the term check for short. But check actually derives the term hoe check.

2. To make sure someone is where s/he is supposed to be.

Origin: Pimps would check their hoes when they got out of line or got a smart mouth. They would also perform hoe checks by making sure their hoes were in their proper locales to pick up a trick.
Now, like many slang terms. Hoe check has come into use into mainstream society and is used in a similar manner.
Hoe Check #1: Traditional Hoe Check!

Girl one: walks around strutting thinking she's the shit.
Girl two: :rolls eyes:
Girl one: What bitch, you hating? Don't be mad 'cause I look good.
Girl two: Naw bitch you think you look good but you might look better if your tracks wasn't hanging out in the back!
Girl two's friend: Ha Ha, Check that hoe!
Girl one runs off crying and trying to cover her shameful tracks in the back of her head.

Hoe Check 2#
Boy calls his girl's mom's house.
Mom: Hello?
Boy: Sup? My girl said she was coming over there.
Mom: Hold on.
Girl: :picks up phone: Hello?
Boy: Hoe check. :Hangs up phone:
by AppleBrownBetty December 14, 2007
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when you see a girl or guy dress like a hoe or acting like one. You turn and ask your friend if the hoe check is approved.
you: hoe check?
friend: hoe check!
you: can i get an approval on this hoe check?
friend: why you sure can my good sir, one hoe check has been approved.
by FuckYou.Falicia October 28, 2015
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