A simple variation of corn bread, similar to corn pone and ashcakes. Made of corn meal, water and salt, and originally cooked on the flat of a hoe over an open fire, hence the name.
by Allnupe August 4, 2003
Sucka, someone who does not have respect(E-40)
by Anonymous February 20, 2003
A word commonly used in rural North Carolina to describe a slutty or promiscuous woman. Often paired with "slutmuffin," the term "hoe cakes" is to be used in every day conversation. By composition, hoe cakes are made with licentious batter.
"God, Rachel is being such a hoe cake for not coming antique shopping with us!"
by Dickinson April 12, 2008
The act of spending the majority of your income on the female sex, forgetting you have friends when a female is in your life, and dedicating yourself to a female. Hoe cakes constantly get taken advantage of by women and constantly cry.
Daryl Mc is the prime example of a hoe cake
by phuckyocouch June 12, 2010
well, if you look in the real dictionary a hoe cake is a corn meal bread. but now...its a term you use to call someone a hoe but make it cute...hoe(any pastry alive) see:
hoe muffin hoe cookie
by emy b April 22, 2007
A bitch ass nigga who is always buyin bitches thangs, a captain-save-a-hoe.
That ninja Jeff bought that bitch a Benzo. He's a Hoe Cake.
by Peruvian B November 16, 2006