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Noun: One who hobbles
Verb: To act skanky in an efficient manner.
That poo-put bitch will hobble your cock in the alley
by Shack October 16, 2003
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Someone who breaks peoples legs on purpose. He/she Usually works for the Mob, collecting money.
You better pay up John, or you'll get a visit from the Hobbler.
by Joe!wolf April 28, 2011
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Fifty year-old or older male who wears rubber, neopreen, or leather suits with harnesses tightly on their body. Usually these suits are a little too tight in the crotch area.
"Check out that 60 year old man wearing brown neoprene waders!"
"Hobblers wear their hobbles a mite high."
"I think I'll go throw up now because I just saw a hobbler."
"I love hobblers!'
by Mr. Cacaface August 25, 2004
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