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Girls are confusing
Well, i was just sitting around and sing then suddenly everything about how confusing a girl can get just poped up in my mind so here wat i thought of:

1st lets start with Relationship:
Don't us guys hate it when a girl never realize how much we care for her?? Its like she looks faraway, dreaming about the "perfect" guy and never see that the one that care for her, value her IS RIGHT INFRONT OF HER! We come up with all these things to say to her. we put out effort and time and in the end she might just say "oh, i just wanna be friends" ... then the guy only reaction is "oh, i understand.." and INSIDE their head they thinking "DAMN WTF!! all that time i tried so hard just to get a chance with her" then after that...AWKWARDNESS KICKS IN! ..... WE JUST CAN"T NEVER KNOW WHAT SHES THINKING!

2nd is the SENSITIVE PART!
ok, when guys really like a girl, they TRIED sooo hard to think of what is the right and wrong things to say to the girl, THEY THINK FOR 10! seconds b4 words can come out of their mouth.....and IF it was the right thing, the girl will show her cute lilttle smile and that giggle that just get the guy go crazy for it. BUT if it wasnt the right thing she wanted to hear, she'll give u this look and reply with a deep tone...that means she thinking "WTF is this dude talking about?" .....THATS Y ITS BEST NOT TO SAY ALOT!

3rd is when a girl is sad ...
As guys, we KNOW that its our job to keep the girl happy and smile all the time. BUT when shes sad or not in the mood, WE start to worry "omg, did i do that? is she mad at me? does she hates me? what am i gonna do??....ETC" its like hundreds of questions going through our head at once, tryna figure out wat to do to make her happy again...and then when a girl CRIES...OMG this is the part where the guys are most vulnerable, WE GET SO SOFT!!! we'll say "are you ok? wat happened" is there anything i can do" !! THEN!! we hug the girl and she hold tight to us and say "*sniff* *sniff* you are the only one who is there for me when i'm in need, i thank you soo much" WOOAAA THATS THE CUE for guys to think "hey, i might have a chance after all, she might like me" ...MOST OF THE TIME THATS NOT THE CASE!!! the girl prolly say that to the guy bcuz he is the ONLY ONE that is being present at the time...then the next day, the girl goes back to her cold side and act as if nothing ever happened ...... GUYS!! U KNO THIS IS TRUE!

Girls are confusing (2)
Last time I left off with When a girl is sad. And prolly many guys out there are going through sadness, confusion, depression and heartbreak...When a guy cry about a girl, that means he really loves her, when a guy only think of a girl thats mean he has inscribed her picture in his heart .... GIVE US GUYS A CHANCE TO OPEN UP!!

We all kno how annoying guys and girls can get about "needy". But a girl needy is harder to deal with than guy's... Let say if a guy went out with a girl and she expects him to call her daily, and so he did..but then that expectation begins to wears out, SHES GETTING ANNOYED! but she just doesnt wanna say it to him , cuz it might "hurt his feelings" -.- so she goes and tell her frds... and then it's worst for a guy to know from her frds but not from herself....So then the guy decides to give her "space", so he stopped calling daily and not talk to her as much....THEN!!! she goes around and say "he doesnt like me anymore, blah blah blah" the girl gonna bitch about it and be realllyyy sad .....then wth the guy suppose to do??? he sure doesnt wanna make the same mistake again but he dont wanna lose her .... A guy just wanna hear from the girl everyday to make his day lighten up...EVEN IF ITS THE GUY's WORST DAY..just to talk to her and be with her make up for everything!!

We all kno wat this means...As guys we know that its RIGHT to treat the girls, to buy her expensive gifts to amaze her or impress w.e ...But when a girl puts on her nice mode she'll say "well u should let me pay for my own stuff, i dont wanna use your money" If she really means it, then she'll pay for her stuff next time and be happy about it... But if not, the next time when she have to pay for sumthing, she'll just sit there look at u, and give u that smile and maybe a kiss ...TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT AND PAY FOR HER! ...Even though he paid, inside of him there'll be this bad view about the girl but he still happy..cuz he doesnt wanna lose her "its hurt when we pay for 2 dont just drop down from the sky!!" ... well yeah... a lot of girls are like that so just learn to deal wit it happily

^^ hehehe its ok guys...a lot of nice girls is still out there, if they likes u they'll care for u and make u happy everytime u see them. So dont be dwelling on one that doesnt even deserve your time. DONT MAKE IMPOSSIBLE WISHES!!! it hurts to find out the truth

Girls are confusing (3)
hehehe last i left off with Financial , now i thought of more reasons on why a girl is more confusing than a guy..YES GUYS ARE CONFUSING ALSO! but a guy is more easier for a guy to figure out ....

Guys tend to be "smart" infront of girls and put on their best behavior to get a good frst impression : , so sometime when sum1 say sumthing wrong, the GUY! just gotta jump out of nowhere and supposedly "fix it" by saying the "right thing" after he said it, the conversation just got killed! cuz its always funny when its wrong! so now in the girl mind she gonna give him the title "Chat Killer"......SOOOO the guy knew wat he said was stupid and he wasnt suppose the next time comes if the girl ask him sumthing if shes right or wrong ..the guy might just be like "i dont know.." <--- HE SCARED of speaking his mind cuz it might come out wrong .... so now the girl gonna think again "OMG..why is he SOO STUPIDDD?" its always better for "smart" guys to turn off their brain when they're out with the girl

Its always saddening when a girl tells a guy "i feel so lonely" ..the guy just think that he have to keep her compromise so she doesnt feel lonely anymore, so he talks to her, make her smile, make her laugh then the next day when they see each other the guy expect the girl to talk to him, to be with him cuz since he was the only one there for her when she's lonely ..BUT then the girl just goes off and talk to some other guy, or be with sum other group and leave the guy out by himself ...WHO'S LONELY NOW!!!
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Expressing Feelings
When a guy express his feeling to a girl, it could be any kind of form, a pickup line, a picture, a kissing icon or a cheesy comparision like "Roses are beautiful and so are u", he expects her to NOTICE IT! and reply back with some kind of cheesy thing also, and so she DID! but then after that, IT WAS THE LAST THING SHE EVER SAY TO HIM!, he just sit there and wait, wait and wait for more "xxxxxxxx is typing a message" (on AIM) so 5 min pass by, 10 minutes (the guy will now think, maybe shes busy, let wait and see) 20 minutes pass by, 40 minutes ... now the guy will either signs off or put a sad icon away message .....he gonna think "how?! she just reply back with sumthing really loving, if she didnt reply then it would rather be

Girls are confusing (4)
Couldn't sleep so I've decided to write again, since I know alot of you guys missed my writing ^^, its ok you guys flattered me :P well its 4:45 A.M this is all i can think of:

- Checking out other packages.
Girls always want to have complete control over the guy if she know he likes her. So most girls gonna play Hard To Get (such a stupid game, guys get hurt by this ALOT!) well so now the girl have control over the guy, but then the guy start to get tire of trying and running around in circles, so he decides that its time to get a new one. Then he would go around and check out other girls, now that girl hear it then she'll be mad and be like "why dont u like me? am i not good enough for you?" blah blah blah, it goes on..... WE ARE GUYS!!! Guys will always be guys.

- Cool guy? or smart guy?
Sometimes its just like iny, miny, mo (idk if it spell that way lol, just going by the sound). We all kno there can't be a mixture of both in one guy, cuz cool guy tends to slack off therefore = not smart (or still smart but stupid at a few things). And smart guy is Mr. Know It All, filled with so much wisdom and intelligence therefore = nerd. So the question is basicaly An idiot who's funny and cool? or a nerd who smart but boring? OF COURSE the answer would be the idiot (Thats wat guys think!) but NO! nowadays having a brain is like having a pot of money and girls would be so soft and cute infront of the guy (to ask for homework, classwork, projects etc but not his numbers) ^^ . ACCEPT IT!!! , you chose to be a nerd, so in the end cool guys still hold up the place for the stronger species of men.

- How long is it going to last?
The question that almost every guys and girls asked themselves b4 getting into a relationship. And guy who just love so blindly would say 8 months - 1 years or more or EVEN MARRIAGE. And the girl heard it, would think its so sweet and admired how much determination he willing to put (awwwwww). So she also say "Ok, we'll stay together for a long time" - (A long time of most girls is 5-7 months -.-! ), and ofcourse the guy will be so happy because he can have a serious relationship and all. So when the girl starting to get bore, she'll go somewhere else to seek fun instead of being beside the guy like always. Now the guy gonna feel like he got ripped off, and heart broken because everything that girl say was a lie. Well don't expect too much time from young loves or else you'll get heartbroken and be stuck at that point of the past ^^
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