to give a shout out to or say safe to some one
"hold tight ma boyz reppin norf"
by coca cola nicola October 8, 2005
wait, keep yo azz right daar imma rite be back.
hold tight somebody callin me
by Rae January 11, 2004
A phrase used by the rapper Michael Dapaah, a.k.a Big Shaq, in his musical production "Man's Not Hot". It describes how Dapaah's brotha's got the pumpy.
"Hold tight ASNEE, he's got the pumpy" OR
"Hold tight... ASNEE, Rotnee, Oosnack"
by JustSpangebab March 20, 2018
Hold tight Julia, I can't find my keys.

Hey man, can I have that data.
WOWA Hold tight Julia, its coming.
by SmashleyGashley September 20, 2017
The person who wants to hide their ethnicity to achieve or get somewhere where ethnic varieties are seldom found and this person would typically step on or over somebody like him to get social status desired Like ice cube explains in Oreo cookie
Look bro you ain't white quit holding your ass tight.
by avgaginggal January 25, 2016
When you're avoiding a question and wana ghost a bitch
When can you hang out? “ I’m scared, someone hold me tight”
by Pamela Mares November 19, 2022