a girl thaat goes off messin around with a shit load of guyz at the same time
by No-Love..LOL June 20, 2004
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(n) A prostitute. Shorthand for the word whore. This word originated from prostitutes who trick at hotels.
In some cases people refer to them as sluts but what makes it different is that hoes get paid for what they do. (pl n) Hoes.
Look at that ho, she's just made about $500 at the telly the other day.
by QZKotL May 02, 2004
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Being a woman is the sole requisite for being a "ho".
She's a ho.
I dated that fat ho.
You's a ho.
by Davo66 June 11, 2006
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A whore. A woman who uses her body, or gives the impression that her mark can be intimate with her, for material gain or to boost her own ego.
She says she will only have sex with short, fat or bald men if they compensate her with expensive gifts. She's a just a typical, run of the mill 'ho.
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